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A Latvian's War - Softcover version

A LATVIAN'S WAR - A Biography

Author: Rita Perkons

ISBN: 978099415870 (paperback)

Pages: 260

Published: 2017

Price: AUD$25 + postage

Robert Perkons’ story is wrapped around the diary he kept during World War 2. It will take you to a battle on the Russian Front, evacuation from Liepāja, Latvia, his travels and war action in German occupied Europe, to existing as a POW, living as a displaced person in Germany and then ending his journey in Australia. Today he would be called a Latvian Legionnaire.

The diary was translated from Latvian to English. The book is all in English. It has many photographs and maps which help to illustrate the story.


This book may be of interest to those of Latvian heritage who would like to learn more about Latvian history and the impacts of World War 2. It may be useful to Latvian schools, historians and an asset to libraries and museums. 

If you are in Australia, please send an email to requesting the number of copies you would like to buy. The cost of the book/s and postage can be sent by Electronic Funds Transfer via internet banking or visiting your bank and doing a direct debit. Once the money is received, the book/s will be posted.

If overseas, the money can be sent via the Western Union. You will need my name and postal address which is: Rita Perkons, PO Box 97, Kandos, 2848, New South Wales, Australia. Then the Money Transfer Control Number needs to be emailed to Once the money is received, the book/s will be posted.

If you would like to obtain more information about ordering a print version, please get in touch through the contacts page and email address.

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