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Do you have a project at work that you are not quite sure how to get started? Is it on a topic that you have little knowledge about? Do you have to write an important report but don't have the time to actually write it down?  Do you have some 'dry' policies to write? Do you need to write a staff manual on a topic such as 'how to do risk management' but don't have experience in writing step-by-step procedures? Do you need some ideas on how to communicate new systems to staff?

Perhaps Rita Perkons can help. Rita has over 30 years experience in developing systems for large and small organisations, and then writing them all up into useful, practical documents and reports.

Rita has run large and small staff workshops to generate creative thinking on how to tackle challenging topics such as quality assurance, and of course, strategic and business planning workshops for Boards and staff alike. Rita's workshops aim to be fun, informative and outcomes focussed.


Contact Rita to discuss the project that needs tackling, today!

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