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From the book DARK



Wonderment of life is

Filled by the confusion of thought

That keeps fighting for space in

The overcrowded mind of the weary.


Everyday joys become

Lifetime woes as struggle

Takes precedence over

Sitting back and taking in the air.


Shattered are the illusions of

Eternal happiness that is

Promised to all those

Who work hard and are good citizens.


Pressure is the pump which

Keeps people moving to and from

Responsibilities which build

To a point of bursting paranoia.


Keep fighting for what is not ours

As one day it will be your children's

Turn to fight for that right

To live in a world of constructed chaos.







Seagulls screaming in scavenger anger

Children running free of any danger

Fishing lines singing in the fresh breeze

White bodied people taking their ease.


The sun slowly heating the squeaky sand

The surf rolling in to cool the land

Radios babbling amongst the beach gear

Summer really is the best time of year.


Rock pools glittering in the bright light

Fishermen waiting for the first bight

Thin brown girls wandering by

A little boy flying a kite in the sky.


The smell of coconut oil in the air

A person chasing a dog in despair

Coloured umbrellas flapping away

Everyone simply wasting the day.


Young louts sculling their first beer

People swimming in the water clear

The day slowly passing in the heat haze

The only way to spend lazy days.



When I stretch

My body breaks into so many pieces.


I can feel them creak

Against themselves

As I relax

And fall asleep again

Alone and waiting for company that is not here.


You see, I have become

Hard and brittle

Without the warmth of your

Arm and body around me

Comforting and safe.


I've had to become hard

And unloving - So

My hair is white now

As much as my soul is dark

'Cause you aren't here

To make me soft and laugh

Like a young girl playing in a puddle

Or a boy on a new bike.


I listen to my body creak

And wish the softness was back

Where it should be

Against me.


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