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A LATVIAN'S WAR - A Biography

Author: Rita Perkons

ISBN: 978099415870 (paperback)

Pages: 260

Published: 2017

I started this book as a gift for my daughter. The story is about my grandfather and her great-grandfather. Neither of us have met him. He died 5 years before I was born.

I found that my father had transcribed his father's war diary. It was in Latvian which was their first language. I thought I would translate it so that my daughter, who knows little Latvian, could read about what her great-grandfather did during World War 2. Whilst translating it I thought I would place his war memoirs into the larger context of his life in Latvia.

I wrapped the history of Latvia around his life. Hence his story starts in the early 1900s in rural Latvia and ends in the 1950s in Adelaide, Australia. It was a good way of sharing not only what he experienced as an individual but also what Latvia as a small country had to deal with being fought over by larger countries such as Russia and Germany.

Robert Perkons’ story will take you to a battle on the Russian Front, evacuation from Liepāja, Latvia, his travels and war action in German occupied Europe, to existing as a POW, living as a displaced person in Germany and then ending his journey in Australia. Today he would be called a Latvian Legionnaire.

A PDF version is available.  The first part of the PDF version is available by clicking on the image of the book cover to the right. The file is large and so the document is in 5 parts. I produced this book myself so please forgive any design and formatting issues. The PDF is made from a print version and so the margins vary from page to page.

If you wish to obtain the full PDF version please send an email to The cost of the full PDF version is AUS$10.

If you are interested in obtaining a softcover, print version, more information is available on the page "A Latvian's War - a Biography".



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